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Johannes Bosboom

Interior of Alkmaar Church

Oil on panel, probably mahogany, 1863, 19 x 15 cm

National Galleries of Scotland

Johannes Bosboom trained in the Hague under Bartholomeus van Hove alongside Van Hove’s son, Hubertus. Bosboom became part of The Hague school, a group of artists working in this area between 1860 and 1890 and greatly influenced by the realist painters of the French Barbizon school.

before treatment

after treatment

The varnish layer on this small painting, Interior of Alkmaar Church, had become discoloured and degraded. This obscured the tone and saturation of the scene’s colours and contrasts. After carefully testing the possibility for safe removal of the old varnish layers, cleaning of the paint surface was carried out. Older residues of darkened varnish were also removed from the textured surface and paint impastos. The condition and treatment of the object were thoroughly documented, both in written and photographic form.